Again a new client (24. March 2024)

I am very happy that from now on we also work for Aixtron in Aachen, Germany.

Executive Coach (24. March 2024)

I  have been certified as Executive Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

Among the TOP 12 of all conflict coaches in Germany (9. July 2016)

In the German journal “FOCUS Network” the TOP 250 German Coaches are being listed in different categories. My name can be found among the  TOP 12 of all conflict coaches.

Thanks to all clients and colleagues who have voted for me.

TOP COACH 2016 – a nice award (3. July 2016)

I have been awarded the title TOP COACH 2016 by the German Business Network Platform XING together with the German weekly magazine FOCUS. Read more (in German):

TOP COACH Bernhard Jegan

Exciting Training (30. July 2011)

During the past 5 days I had the chance to participate in a training course taught by Professor Dr. Varga von Kibéd on “Systemic Structural Constellations”. For me this was a completely new approach. I am sure I will be able to integrate some of the features that I have learned there in my future coaching sessions.

Every European Manager attends more than 500 meetings every year! (23. October 2008)

Every European manager attends more than 500 meetings every year!
These managers perceive about 40% of these meetings as ineffective.

How about your meetings? I can help you to assess the effectiveness of your meetings.

Please refer to the section on Meeting Assessment.