I hold a communication space in which clarification and finding of a shared intention of the persons involved are possible – in a simple, clear and mindful way.
In our cooperation you will experience a role model and a process of opening mind, heart and will and the „letting come“ of a desired future that wants to emerge.

Private and Professional Background

Inspiring and warm-hearted; concise, concrete and consistent; “knotted” situations turn to appear disentangled, easier and solvable.

Raised in a village and curious

… she has always been fascinated by the diversity of diversity and their possibilities, deeply interested in everything human, she explores a bit of America and London and holds her M.Sc. of psychology in 2000.

Up and away- into the big world

She experiences countries, people, and adventures as a young founder and managing director of Zebraway Consulting GbR which initiates and fosters business relations between Nigeria and Europe.  For the first time she successfully workes as a communication enabler.
More and more, solid and profound leadership issues emerge as her field of work.
Trained in conflict mediation, counseling (in Farrellys provocative style) and in the application of the Zurich Resource Model   she inspires, strengthens and accompanies people with leadership responsibility.

Her Skills as a systemic coach and organizational consultant and the Hypnosystemic approach in BurnOut prevention (Gunther Schmidt ) prove to be effective and supportive. Hosting transformational processes in organisations, companies and teams is becoming a passion.
More and more teams are also relying on her experience for long-term, conflict processes for clarification and improvement.
Recently she received the MIT certificate “Leading from the emerging future”.

Back from the future

Over time it becomes clear that more than the “methodological what” the “human how” is essential for the outcome.
Presently her real task is to create spaces for encounter and development for her clients in which truly new ideas can  holistically and creatively emerge.

Her unconditional appreciation and sensitive confrontation encourage people to take responsibility and a clear and conscious lead. She appreciates regular supervision herself.

Always new and from the heart

She loves traveling, exploring, meeting, reading, learning. She sings, live and improvised (without scores), on her own and with others, in the shower and as a volunteer in the projects she initiated: “ExPeeriencing Art” and “Sing-Lab”. Meditation has long been an anchor and companion.


If you do not have the courage to dream,
you have no strength to fight.


This is how you can get in touch with me:

+49 152 2543 2386‬