Our Five Principles for Successful Consulting:

Help People to Improve Their Interpersonal Skills
If you want to learn how to drive a car, it is not enough to accumulate theoretical knowledge on this issue. Instead you need a lot of practical exercise as well as continuous feedback from a skilled instructor.
The same is true for developing good leadership or conflict management skills.

Keep in Touch with the Real World
Learning and training in seminars must always be as close as possible to the real situation out on the workplace of the learners. Otherwise all of your newly-acquired skills remain useless.

Make People Accept Their Responsibility for Their Own Development
You alone are in charge of your learning and development. It is neither me nor your boss. I will, however, support you the best I can.

Foster Continuous Learning
The half-life period of change and learning inputs lies at about 4 months. Therefore all learning and coaching should be organized as long-range activities.

Cooperate Closely with Internal HR Experts
I strongly support the idea that internal HR specialists and me as the external consultant cooperate very closely.
By doing so a considerable amount of know-how can be transferred into the organization of my clients.