Great! Somebody else will take care of it!

If that is your definition of a well-functioning team then the following offer is not suitable for you.

Team “Inspection”

All of our automobiles are technical masterpieces. Precisely built and technically top quality.
Even so we cannot assume they will permanently function flawlessly.
Therefore we have them serviced regularly and inspected by a technical inspection agency. Only that guarantees their ongoing functional capability.

Teams and its working individuals are highly complex beings.
Humans “function” not nearly as precise and predictable as technical equipment and machines.
Therefore it is even more important to inspect your team on a regular basis.

Only then can you detect “rusty spots”, “small dents” or “worn-out components” and quickly repair or exchange them.
So that you save yourself – just like with a car – considerable cost of repair, which otherwise would surely come up at a later point.