My client is mostly the meeting organizer.
All parties involved (leader and participants) must be informed in advance about my role and basically agree that I will participate.

As a first step I will attend meetings as a silent observer. I will sit slightly away from the meeting participants. Either with beforehand agreed upon criteria or based on my own criteria I observe the course of the meeting and take notes to myself.

For the second step there are different ways to proceed (depending on agreement):
a) The last agenda item of the meeting is called: Feedback by Mr. Jegan, and which will be the consequences out of that?
b) I give the leader of the meeting my feedback outside the meeting. He in turn will come up with consequences with the team at the next meeting.

Especially important is also the third step: After a few months I will visit at least one more time another of those meetings. Has the implementation worked as planned? Are the changes long lasting?

Also here is the most important thing as for every process of change: Continuous Learning.