Between two or more employees or even between different departments exists either an open fight or some kind of hidden conflict.
The manager in charge is not accepted as conflict manager, he does not feel competent in that role or is not even involved himself in the existing conflict.

At this point I will be called in as an external conflict manager. In order to work constructively with the conflicting parties, all of them need to fully accept me both personally and as an expert. Only then can I start with a thorough analysis.

Please note:
Conflicts very often develop over weeks, months, sometimes even years. To defuse or even completely resolve them will not happen in three days. Conflict management is a very difficult and serious business. Progress is possible. Sometimes, however, we also suffer a set back.

Should anyone ever promise you that he will be able to quickly and completely resolve any existing conflict you can be sure that he has not worked in real conflict management, yet. Or – even worse – he is a cheater.