Feedback Talks

Learn about an advisable structure for such talks and exercise the necessary communication skills. You will also get advice on how to successfully implement this leadership tool within your team or organization.

Experience-based Workshops

In a small group of 5 – 7 people I will work with you and other managers on real-life situations that you experience in your everyday business; situations which are challenging to you or where you seek advice on how to handle them appropriately.

Leadership Training

If you have taken over a leadership position in your organization recently, I will help you to master this challenge by teaching you:

  • How to manage expectations professionally
  • How you avoid your team members becoming de-motivated
  • How to successfully delegate tasks and responsibilities
  • How to manage arising conflicts constructively

Please note:
To me leadership training really means training. You will not sit and listen to hours of academic lectures. Instead we will work together very intensely. My Five Principles for Successful Coaching and Training apply accordingly.