Transparent and Explicit Assignment

  • The assignment must be known to the coachee and be accepted by him (no secret/undisclosed changes of the assignment).
  • In case of doubt I will always side with the coachee.
  • I will exercise my professional discretion even toward the coachee’s superior and the human resources department.

My Model of Change:

  • I work with the coachee only on those things, which he can influence directly.
  • The coachee gets from me and also from outside as high as possible a feedback dosage.
  • We define small-step behavior changes.
  • The coachee tests in every-day life whether those changes are actually applicable.
  • We strive for long-lasting changes.

Typical Course of Action:

At the beginning of each assignment my coaching client and I as the coach define an objective. This is, however, only a starting point. It may become necessary to adjust or even change the coaching objective in the course of our work.

Should a superior act as my client and send me one of his employees for coaching, I must be sure to also know and consider his concerns and expectations for coaching.

The coaching client describes as detailed as possible his current situation and what bothers him (and others) about it.

He now describes as precisely as possible, how the situation should be different in the future.

We develop together concrete steps/measures to get there.

The client tries those out in practice and we review to what extent they prove to be practical.

We put together an emergency plan, which the client can access in case it becomes “again a bit difficult” for him.